The Diagnostic procedures of lung disease

Cancer is a dangerous disease that affects every people in this dangerous world. Lung cancer treatment for patients is available in the medical world. Look for the symptoms and signs before the treatment. The physician checks the tissues for any change in them, infection in the lungs. A thorough investigation will say whether there is achronic disease in the lungs. Another test to find the tumor is an x-ray. CT scan is another technique used to diagnose advanced cancers. MRI scan has application for detecting the precise location of the tumor cells. The various stages of lung cancer list available for the patients.

Different Stages of Lung cancers

Based on the stage, the treatment procedure will vary. NSCLC stages are Stage one, Stage two, Stage three, Stage three A, Stage three B, Stage four. If cancer lies inside the lung, it stages one cancer. If cancer cells grow in the lung and lymph nodes, cancer is called Stage two. In stage 3, the Cancer cell crosses the lymph nodes and spread to the middle chest. In stage 4, cancer cells diverge into pairs of lungs. The lung cancer stages are vital for treatment. The early diagnosis of cancer helps people. Regular exercise, drinking enough water, sleeping on time, relax the mind to get rid of work stress are the primary steps to lead a happy life.

Diagnosing the breast cancer using the below techniques

People need to diagnose breast cancer to start the treatment early. Many techniques were available for diagnosing breast cancer. The breast imaged to check for breast cancer the method is the mammogram. The women should do mammograms early once. Ultrasound gets pictures of the breast tissues. Other tests for breast cancer diagnosis are MRI, Breast biopsy. After the above diagnosis, the doctor starts the treatment. The treatment procedures for breast cancer are available for patients on the internet.

Treatment techniques for the breast cancer

Surgery is one of the treatment procedures available for people. The radiation therapy technique uses radiation to kill the tumor cell. Chemotherapy is another technique where drugs help to kill cancer cells. The breast cancer survival rate improves after the treatment done correctly. There are many surgical techniques present for breast cancer? People have to go for treatment early. Food plays a vital role in the health of the people. Cooked and natural food, vegetables, fruits necessary for the students. People must stop smoking the cigarette and use the electric or LPG stoves, control the pollution to avoid cancer disease.

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