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It’s well known that within a day’s experience of the place, there may be an abundance of corn, potatoes, and everything required to furnish a great table. Still, they don’t seem to be obtainable, as a result of the house owners have gone where obligation referred to as them. Why, in good sooth, there occurs to be no corn, at current, to feed the horses of the members, and other accommodations not good, the need of offices, and so on. As to the first objection, it is well answered, like you, Messrs. We additionally recommend that the mentioned Common Session be beholden in the City of Washington as first proposed by the meeting of the Residents of Columbia and customarily approved by the several meetings of the Citizens of Texas.

1 On October 19th, the general council thus strengthened took the following motion: On Motion of Mr. Perry for the decided place of the meeting of the Genl Session on the first of November 1835 of all Texas as follows Resolved by the Genl Council Search local escort ads of Texas that the Genl Consultation be held at Washington on the primary of Nov, 1835 first proposed by the Committee of Columbia. R. R. Roy all, in a letter to J. W. Fannin, dated November 15, 1835, writes from San Felipe that, “The place the council will hold its sessions is yet undetermined. I believe it will be in Washington or Matagorda, probably at the latter.” Three And Governor Henry Smith took occasion to call the attention of the council to this topic in his first official communication to that physique as follows: It can even turn out to be your obligation to pick out someplace as the seat of authorities, at which to hold your common sittings throughout the continuance of the current type of authorities.

From October seventeenth till the first of November, the query of the place of assembly remained in status quo. We concur therein and recommend that the stated Consultation be adjourned until the first day of November next. In that case, they did not arrive at their destination till April 27th, just a few days earlier than the assembly of the adjourned session of the first congress, Could 1st. In consequence of the late removing the stories of the number of de- apartments were not ready for presentation to congress till May 19th. 5 Before its removal, the Telegraph acknowledged: “We are highly gratified in stating that the process of constructing is rapidly advancing at Houston; the offices meant for the reception of the several departments of government, will quickly be accomplished; the building also supposed for our press is nearly finished.” 6 Nevertheless, on reaching Houston a month after, it had this to say of its new workplace and of the federal government constructing: ‘like others who have confided in theoretical issues, we have been deceived: no constructing had ever been almost completed at Houston supposed for the press; fortuitously, 1 See paragraph three of the advertisement above.

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